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Boston Symphony Orchestra – 301 Massachusetts Avenue – Boston, MA

Boston Symphony Hall showcases some of Boston’s biggest events.   Look at just some of the Boston Symphony tickets – Boston Pops: Holiday Pops, Lars Vogt, Golden Dragon Chinese Acrobats, Radu Lupu, Bill Cosby, Boston Symphony Orchestra: Ligeti, Mozart and Dvorak + Romeo and Juliette.. are a few of the Boston events 2011. (Boston Pops is 2010)

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Boston Symphony Orchestra
301 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

About Boston Symphony Hall:

The Boston Symphony Hall was built in 1900. Experts agree that it is one of the best concert halls in existence when it comes to acoustics. The hall is designed specifically with getting the best sound in mind. The Boston Symphony Hall is home to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and has been since it opened over 100 years ago.

Much of the design of the Boston Symphony Hall is original from 1900. The same decor and the name of Beethoven inscribed atop the stage are all still there today. The hall additionally still has the same leather seats the concert goers have sat in since the hall opened at the turn of the last century. In 2006, the floor of the stage had to be redone. Because of fears that alterations to the original stage might affect the sound inside the orchestra, the floor was redone in exactly the same way and in the same methods as what would have been used in 1900. Nails were hammered in by hand, and the same type of wood was used. Everything was kept as true to the original as possible.

Today, the Boston Symphony Hall can hold up to 2600 people at a time. Most people dress up to visit the hall, but there is no strict dress code in place. Talking is permitted before a concert begins, but silence appreciated once a concert is underway. Children ages 5 and older are permitted.

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